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LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (28.02.2017 19:31 )
Dear Antoon, I will just write here as well so it does not look open... M77s will be available in April 2017.
antoon -NL armed forces: (22.02.2017 15:46 )
hi there B24 received safely and it already became my favorite piece! You will hear from me soon! When the M77 will be available?
my jhobsf: (13.02.2017 20:07 )
vou só abrir pra vc goze bem.........
my jhobsf: (13.02.2017 20:06 )
tele sexo portal jbsf e eu .
my jhobsf: (13.02.2017 20:06 )
amanhã centro sua camisa aberta azul e jeans sapatos pretoas
my jhobsf: (13.02.2017 20:05 )
anal e virtual logo ...........
my jhobsf: (13.02.2017 20:05 )
paradise day prox.
my jhobsf: (13.02.2017 20:04 )
parabens meu amor
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (05.02.2017 17:18 )
Hi Thomas, thank you for contacting us! Please reserve the B35 once again as our admistrator was updating the system and we lost your entries... I am sorry for any inconveniences! link: http://www.kabtime.eu/?page=tovar&tovar=409&lang=en
Thomas: (04.02.2017 08:06 )
Hej, jag har reserverat en B35 Auto. Har inte fått någon bekräftelse eller motsvarande. Vad händer nu? Tack!
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (23.01.2017 08:45 )
Dear Daniel, thank you for contacting us! I sent you the e-mail with the instructions... Please consider which option is the most comfortable for you and E-mail us back. all the best wishes
Daniel: (21.01.2017 17:47 )
Hi, were can I leave my watch on service, my super combat B3 is broken, I live in Sweden.
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (03.01.2017 11:42 )
Ahoj Bob, model B2 Combat bol vyrobeny len vo verzii automatics.
Bob Nič: (28.12.2016 20:55 )
Rucni natah na B2 je mozny nebo jen samonatah dekuji
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (11.11.2016 12:06 )
Dear Graziano, I see your mail. I am sorry but 500M-2s´are sold out already...
andromeda.73: (10.11.2016 14:14 )
lum tec 500m2 available?
luis: (09.11.2016 15:37 )
obrigado,fico a espera da sua mensagem
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (08.11.2016 18:38 )
Dear Luis, thank you for contacting us! Yes, we can help you with any issue you may have... I sent you the E-mail
luismaximinio71@hotmail.com: (07.11.2016 01:54 )
tenho um relogio lum tec serie g.onde posso comprar umpano para limpar o vidro de safira?
LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (26.09.2016 14:32 )
Dear Marco, thank you for contacting us! Delivery to Austria takes only 2 woking days. It is fast shipment to your door...

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